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Car Boot Vinyl Diaries

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Golden Years

I received belated birthday presents from my little brother last week, bought from a second hand vinyl stall on Cambridge market.  The first is Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits:

Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits (1974)

This is a collection of singles from Alice Cooper the band's (as opposed to Alice Cooper the solo artist) third to seventh albums, from 1971's Easy Action to 1793's Muscle Of Love, their final album.

The songs appear in chronological order and it's easy to track the development of Alice Cooper the singer in a Detroit hard rock band, to Alice Cooper the theatrical horror-rock superstar, now everyone's favourite scary golf-mad uncle.  All of the songs were remixed by producer Jack Richardson especially for the album.

The illustration on the cover is by Drew Struzan.  The band are seen lounging against a car in front of a 1930's garage.  Film stars to spot include Jean Harlow, Humphrey Bogart and Groucho Marx.

The development in their sound can be heard by listening to the first track from each side of the LP; their first hit I'm Eighteen and 1973's Hello Hooray.

The album reached no.8 in the US Billboard chart.

My brother (who is, by the way, both clever and handsome) also bought me David Bowie's compilation Changesonebowie:

David Bowie - Changesonebowie (1976)

This is a fantastic collection of singles and album tracks  from 1969-76, including the single John, I'm Only Dancing, which had not yet been included on an album and not released in the US due to it's supposed "risque" lyrics.

The album reached no.2 in the UK and no.10 in the US Billboard Pop album chart.

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