Car Boot Vinyl Diaries

Car Boot Vinyl Diaries

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Space Cadet

With a lack of car boot sales at this time of year, I occasionally succumb to the temptations of eBay to satisfy my desire for musical diversion.  At the beginning of January I bought this album for £3.99 on the strength of the cover alone:

The Lime Spiders - The Cave Comes Alive! (1987)

The Lime Spiders were - and still are - an Australian rock band.  Formed in 1979 by lead singer and constant member Mick Blood, their declared influences are 60s garage rock and psychedelia.  However, to these ears the overriding sound is more 80s hair metal/hard rock.

This was their debut album released on Virgin and represents the height of their success. The unremarkable songwriting and dreary vocals are somewhat redeemed by some sterling efforts from guitarist Gerard Corben, in particular the latin outro to final track Theory of Thira, below.  Excellent album cover though!

Side 1.
My Favourite Room
Are You Loving Me More
Just One Solution
Blood From a Stone

Side 2.
Just One Solution (Reprise)
Action Woman
Rock Star
Space Cadet
Theory of Thira