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Car Boot Vinyl Diaries

Friday, 8 July 2011

Talkin' Turkey

I got two albums from 1977 this week from a charity shop, both on United Artists Records, for 50p each in excellent condition:

George Hatcher Band - Talkin' Turkey (1977)

The George Hatcher Band's Talkin' Turkey is American Southern Rock, with really soulful vocals and plenty of steel pedal, the latter courtesy of John McFee, here credited as John McSteel!  Huey Lewis provides harmonica under the credit Huey Harp.

The second is Lavender Hill Mob's eponymous debut album:

Lavender Hill Mob (1977)

I'd describe it as 70's rock/pop with a distinctive English sound, despite the fact that the band all hail from Montreal.

This came from eBay today (£3.74), bought last week on a recommendation:

Imagination - Night Dubbing (1983)

It's a dub remix of their 1982 album 'In The Heat Of The Night' which by chance I found in Oxfam last weekend (£3.99).

Imagination - In The Heat Of The Night (1982)

Night Dubbing is a reworking in the vein of Martin Rushent's Love & Dancing, the dub remix of The Human League's 'Dare', released under the name League Unlimited Orchestra in 1982. 

Like Love & Dancing, Night Dubbing contains lots of chopped vocal samples, electronic wizardry and enough bass to lend it plenty of groove.  Here's a Spotify link to a choice cut:

Not a bad week I'd say.

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