Car Boot Vinyl Diaries

Car Boot Vinyl Diaries

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Harkive 2016

The fourth annual Harkive day is just around the corner, this year taking place on Tuesday 19th July.  The Harkive project collects stories from music lovers around the world in order to provide a 24-hour snapshot of how, why and where we're all listening to music, be it on our own devices or that heard in the environment.  You can contribute in many ways, including photos, videos, audio clips and the written word, via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media and of course good old-fashioned email.

Car Boot Vinyl Diaries was delighted to be asked to appear in the run-up to the day as a featured story, and my diary of a typical listening day (a car boot day of course!) can be found here:

Lots more information on how to take part in Harkive on July 19th can be found here: and the homepage is here:

I hope you'll be able to join in this year, making 2016 the biggest Harkive day yet!

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