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Car Boot Vinyl Diaries

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Car Boot Christmas Giveaway 2016

EDIT: Congratulations to winner Darren Betts! I'll be in touch, Darren.

Car Boot Vinyl Diaries is delighted to be giving away a copy of The Snowman original soundtrack to one lucky winner this Christmas.

First published in 1978, Raymond Briggs' wordless illustrations told the story of a boy and his adventure when the snowman he built came to life.  The book was transformed into a 26-minute animation first broadcast on Boxing Day in 1982, and the soundtrack album was released the following year.  Scored by composer and conductor Howard Blake, Side 1 consists of the story narrated by the great Bernard Cribbins over the backdrop of the music, plus of course the original version of Walking In The Air by chorister Peter Auty (as opposed to the Aled Jones version that was released as a single).  Side 2 contains purely the score and song.  Whether you've got children or not, it makes for enchanting fireside winter listening.

This car boot vinyl copy is the second pressing from 1983, i.e. the normal sleeve as opposed to the gatefold on the first pressing.  It's in excellent condition and plays absolutely beautifully, and I'll also throw in a pair of Snowman coasters I forgot to use last Christmas, plus whatever other tat I can find lying about the house.  In addition, I'll even make you a special Snowman-themed Christmas card.  With my own bare hands!

To enter, simply fill in the contact form at the top right of the page, with your name (real or internet) in the first field, your email address in the second, and the message "Snowman" in the third, then click "Send".  My glamorous assistant will be drawing the winning name from the hat at 8pm this Sunday (11th December).  Due to postage costs and delivery times the competition this year is open to UK entrants only.

Good luck!  And in the meantime you can hear this year's festive cloudcast Car Boot Christmas 2016, where I present over an hour's worth of Christmas music, all on vinyl and all found at car boot sales and charity shops.  Use the player below or click the link to go to Mixcloud.  Shares, likes and comments welcome!

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