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Car Boot Vinyl Diaries

Thursday, 27 September 2012

All Aboard!

Back in May of this year the restored Yellow Submarine was released on DVD and despite being a Beatles fan I'd only ever seen a few clips, so I bought a copy.  This psychedelic animated adventure stars the Fab Four and other assorted fantastical beings, and naturally has an excellent soundtrack.

A couple of weeks ago I came across a vinyl copy of the Yellow Submarine LP.  It was priced at £10 but I couldn't resist, especially when the seller threw in Bruce Springsteen's Human Touch album for free.

The Beatles - Yellow Submarine (1969)

This copy is a UK issue which was pressed in 1973 under contract in France by Pathe Marconi.  At the time EMI's pressing plant in Hayes was undergoing refurbishment, so many albums were produced this way.  The sleeve was made in the UK as usual.

Side 1 label.  If you look either side of the stalk it reads Made in
France by Pathe Marconi.

Yellow Submarine was the Beatles' 10th studio album.  It contains two Harrisongs; It's All Too Much and Only a Northern Song.  Where the title track seems out of place on its parent album Revolver, in context here it sounds much better.  My favourite song All Together Now is followed by the heavy romp of Hey Bulldog.  Side 1 closes with All You Need Is Love; a 1967 no.1 single from the Magical Mystery Tour EP.

Side 2 is a collection of excerpts from the film's score, written and arranged by George Martin.  Titles include March of the Meanies, Pepperland Laid Waste and Sea of Holes.  If you've never seen the film I'd highly recommend it.  Here's my top track:

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