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Car Boot Vinyl Diaries

Monday, 16 January 2012

Wild Child

Lou in '72

Lou Reed released eight albums with RCA between 1972 and 1976.  In 1977 after he left them, RCA released a compilation of these years, a 1981 re-issue of which I found at a car boot sale for £2.

Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild Side: The Best Of (1977).
The set of Polaroids on the cover feature Lou with
former long- term partner Rachel; a transgender man.

It contains songs from six albums, from 72's self-titled debut through to 76's Coney Island Baby.  1972's Transformer is the most represented album with three tracks appearing.  It has to be said that for a collection of his more mainstream material, the non-appearance of Perfect Day is puzzling.

Thankfully though, there's nothing from 75's Metal Machine Music; a double LP of feedback loops.

This collection is really geared towards the more casual fan (like me).  Definitely a walk on the safe side in terms of Reed's overall solo output, but a great introduction.

Top tracks (Spotify):

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