Car Boot Vinyl Diaries

Car Boot Vinyl Diaries

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

All the leaves are brown...

...but on Sunday the sky was NOT grey!  I am with transport once again so we headed up the coast to a car boot sale.  The weather was roasting and the skies clear and blue:

The place was heaving but despite the many stalls, vinyl was thin on the ground.  I came away with two LPs, bought for £1 each.  First was this:

Geoff Love & His Orchestra - Themes For Super Heroes (1979)

This is a collection of orchestral versions of superhero film and TV themes, including Wonder Woman, Dr. Who and Batman.  It's both hilarious and brilliant, and has recently been released on CD along with his Big Terror Movie Themes. 

Spotify:  Geoff Love & His Orchestra – Superman 'Theme From Superman'
              Geoff Love & His Orchestra – Wonder Woman (Theme From TV Series)

Next I got Talk Talk's third studio album, The Colour Of Spring.  It marked a transition in style between their earlier synth-pop efforts and final two albums Spirit Of Eden and Laughing Stock. 

Talk Talk- The Colour Of Spring (1986)


  1. Spirit of Eden grabs you with his intensity and sincerity! It's a great work of art in my opinion. By the way what means Proustian rush?
    (I'm a Dutchman)
    kind regards Ruud

  2. Marcel Proust wrote about how a smell, taste, sound etc. can instantly trigger a memory. I get this with music a lot, especially songs from my childhood or teenage years!